With sickness comess.. a cure!

December 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

This week I managed to catch some infection so I haven’t gone to school for the last 3 days. This means I watched a lot of food network and top chief! I got sick of drinking tea and since I needed to be drinking fluids I came up with a basic drink that has lemon and ginger in it that I believe will help cure me!

Infection Fighting Lemony Ginger Drink 

Ingredients: ( there’s no exact measurements here)



-Bubbly water

-stevia or sugar

Directions: Mix them all together! This is all about personal taste.. For the Ginger I suggest using a garlic press but instead put the ginger and put that into you drink. You will be left with very very tiny chunks of ginger. Hopefully this will be a little cure to help you get better a little faster!



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